The New Ingestible Beauty Trend

Lately, I keep stumbling upon articles about collagen supplements and ingestible beauty powders. So naturally, I was intrigued! Normally I treat my skin topically, but the thought of taking supplements? I’m in.

I took two supplements for 4 weeks, and I saw a noticeable difference, AND so did the rest of the world! Keep reading to find out what I used, ingredient descriptions, and where to buy it.

I went on my weekly Target trip and browsed the vitamin isle, and I came across Olly supplements. I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and I love their “look”, everything is clean and easy to understand. The whole line of vitamins looks interesting, and I’m looking forward to testing out others down the road.

The Olly Vitamins I tried are called Olly Vibrant Skin Plump Berry.

They’re gummies, and that makes me a happy girl! The main ingredients are:

Hyaluronic Acid, which is a molecule that helps plump smooth and moisturize the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a very popular ingredient in most skincare products, and now we can eat it! Fuck yeah!

Next awesome ingredient is Marine Collagen, this is a naturally occurring protein that promotes skin structure and strength, leaving you with a more radiant look.

Last but not least we have Sea Buckthorn, which is a unique super food. Sea Buckthorn has been used for centuries to revitalize and nourish the skin.


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If you already take vitamins, it will be easy to add these yummy gummies to your regimen, and trust me you want to. I definitely see a difference in brightness, and dullness. Everyone at work keeps telling me that I look like I’m glowing more than usual! Yay!

In my quest for super gorgeous skin, I came across Beauty Dust by Moon Juice. The packaging is super pretty, and you mix the powder with either water, juice, coffee, or a smoothie. I tried to mix it with water,  I really tried guys, but NO THANK YOU. It’s just way to earthy and herby for me. Throw it into a smoothie, you’ll never know it’s there! Beauty Dust is an herbal supplement of powdered organic herbs, plants, and minerals, including:

Goji Berry- this fruit is considered anti-aging, and the berries are antioxidant powerhouses that are full of amino acids, carotenoids, and polysaccharides.

Rehmannia- this Chinese herb is known to help severe PMS, this has nothing to do with skin, but when I found this out I was very excited, and I’m sure my family was too. Besides fixing my attitude, this herb helps to revitalize the kidneys and nourishment of the liver, and helps with inflammatory skin conditions.

Schisandra- is a plant that helps with energy levels, better digestion, and aids in skin resilience to aging!

Pearl- this powder aids in the reduction of blemishes and wrinkles, while also calming the mind.

Basically, Moon Juice Beauty Dust is the Shit and you need to try it. Just don’t smell it or drink it with water. TRUST.

Every morning I took both the Beauty Dust and Olly Gummies, and after about two weeks is when I noticed a difference, and so did my family and friends. I did not have any other side effects, which is a plus, because when you eat or drink herbs and supplements you aren’t used to, you do run the risk of potential allergies or stomach issues, so please consult with your physician before taking these, and don’t blame me if you have gas.

I was not paid to review these products, I just really wanted to try them out and share with all of you!

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Let me know if you try these supplements, please leave an fbomb or comment below!



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