The best sun protection for your kids, and why you need to have it.

I’m an Esthetician, so naturally I’m skin obsessed, and when it comes to my kids and their skin safety… I’m straight up psycho. Both my girls go to summer camp, and swim 5 times a week, so you KNOW I must have a butt load of sunblock stocked in my home. I don’t want just any sunscreen, I want something INEXPENSIVE and SAFE. And I found it with Hang Ten Kids Spray Banana Scented Broad Spectrum 50+.FullSizeRender (5)

When I was a kid, I would spend my summers in Colombia. My grandparents lived in a gated community with a pool, and I would spend the entire day swimming with friends. No lifeguards, no supervision. No sunblock. It was the 80’s, They put it on you before you left the house, and that was it. Nobody knew yet just how damaging the suns rays were. I remember being burnt so bad that it would blister and peel. I vowed never to let that happen to my children, so far so good.

We all know about the toxic chemicals they put in sunscreens, which are actually more harmful than 1000 sunburns. There have been actual studies that prove that the ingredients in some sunscreen actually cause skin cancer! What in the actual fuck. When I found out I was livid! So I went out and bought a $40 bottle of sunscreen for my kids, because, I kinda like them and don’t want them to die. But seriously, WHY do we have to pay that much? I think it’s really shitty that the companies that make “safe” sunscreens have the balls to charge that much BECAUSE THEY CAN. Not cool, man. Which leads me to this: Hang Ten Kids Spray Banana Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ which I purchased through is so amazing, and about $10 a bottle, which for me is great! Like I said, I probably go through a bottle a week, but I also drink a $10 bottle of wine a week, so I have to put things in perspective. It’s all about perspective people.

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It’s also water-resistant for 80 minutes, Oxybenzone free, paraben free, retinyl palmitate free, non-nano, and synthetic fragrance free. So basically It’s awesome! And, unlike with other sunscreens, my kids don’t get any rashes, break outs, or blotchy sunburnt spots. It distributes evenly, and works like a charm. Be sure to have this as one of your beach bag essentials this summer, and one more thing- sunblock should be worn all year round,  not just for swimming, but for ALL outdoor activities! Thanks for reading, let me know if you buy it and what you think! Don’t forget to leave a comment or FBomb!

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