I give my kids juice boxes- So what?

A few weeks ago we decided last minute to take the kids to Alley Pond Environmental Center in Little Neck, NY. I’ve heard great things about it, and my kids were coloring on the walls… I needed out of the house. So, I packed up some snacks (gotta have those), and I threw in a couple of bottles of water, and two Honest Kids juice boxes. 

We got to Alley Pond, and OMG…… A less than 10 minute drive and we were in another world… I had major guilt for not ever taking my kids before. I had no idea how absolutely breathtaking it would be. If you haven’t been, read this from their website:

Our nature trails traverse ponds, salt marshes, forests and meadows where visitors will see shore birds, migrating flocks, and a variety of small animals. Or, visitors can attend one of APEC’s many nature oriented programs for children and adults. Please explore our website to learn more. Alleypond.com

APEC is dedicated to establishing awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment and to preserving nature in an urban setting.

We decided to take a trail, and I knew right away i wanted to take photos of my girls with these beautiful backdrops. It was hot, they were thirsty, and they wanted juice boxes. And that’s when it struck me. My inner mom guilt dialogue. “Am I going to be judged when I post these”. The answer is YES.

So here’s the deal Moms: I give my kids juice boxes. But, there are rules. My rules. Which are right for me, my family and my lifestyle.

Rule #1: Juice boxes must be organic (unless we are at a party or play date)

Rule #2: Juice boxes must have lower sugar

Rule #3: One per day (if that)

Rule #4: Not on my couch mofo

I send my kids to school everyday with one juice box, that is the only one they get. And half the time it comes back home untouched in their lunchbox! They drink water or milk at school. At home the drink water or milk. I try to provide the best well-balanced meals possible. They are active, they are loved, they are happy. I grew up on Iced Tea (caffeine!!!!!), Hawaiian Punch, and Tang. I lived. I don’t want to restrict to the point where they are the freaky kid that never had a cookie or a french fry, or to the point where they have a negative and unhealthy relationship with food. I had a friend who as an adult would sneak chocolate bars because she never once was allowed one as a child. That story stuck with me. I do not want to do that to my children.

I definitely am conscious of what we as a family put into our bodies, and I try to give them foods that are whole and wholesome. But sometimes I’m fucking tired, and the house is a mess, and the dog peed on the couch, and the dishes are piled high, and that McDonald’s drive thru line is empty. And well, that’s dinner. And well, that’s for another blog post. Don’t forget to drop a comment or FBomb!



4 thoughts on “I give my kids juice boxes- So what?

  1. I just started giving my daughter juice boxes in her lunch box, it’s her incentive to eat lunch – you didn’t eat your lunch you don’t get a juice box the next day. For now she associates juice box with school/camp and never asks for it at home (yet). I use to have popsicle sticks made out of grape koolaid and Tang omg that was the bomb – yeah my Olivia couldn’t handle that amount of sugar!!

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