Fun and EASY DIY Face masks from Five Below

For Christmas I went a little overboard in Five Below (is that even possible?), I bought my kids every little DIY kit I could find, since it is winter and what the heck else is there to do? If for some reason you don’t know what Five Below is, it is a magical store where everything is – that’s right, $5 or less! They have some pretty awesome stuff for kids there! Anyhow, I totally hate crafts mostly because I am a disaster… and I also try to avoid these little bullshit kits because they never come out right, OR after you open it you realize you need some random ingredients and supplies so then you have to bundle up the kids and run out to Rite Aid and….STOP. FUCK THAT. Please stop the madness.

I am VERY pleasantly surprised with this little DIY Face Mask Kit. Where shall I begin? First of all, there are three masks to make, which was perf since it’s me and my two girls, so we each got to make one. I love anything skin care related so it wasn’t a total snooze fest for me, and I didn’t have to pretend to enjoy the activity. I also really like the fact that it is paraben and dye free, and hypoallergenic… no junk or chemicals! There is no real mess, and the instructions are super simple, AND – everything you need is included!


You basically put a tablet, water, and scent (peppermint, rose or lavender) in a little bowl and add a sheet mask, then you add the mask to whichever packaging you like and seal it shut! Super cute, and smells divine. You can even have your kids give them as gifts to their friends, or just have a little relaxing spa day at home. My only complaint is that the sheet mask is adult sized, and clearly this product is for children (right?! lol), it would be nice if the masks fit them better.

As far as any skin benefits, there definitely is NOT, but it is a fun, quick and easy little thing to do at home, we also did mani’s and pedi’s and had a full on spa day.

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xo, Fbombbeautymom

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