The best sun protection for your kids, and why you need to have it.

I’m an Esthetician, so naturally I’m skin obsessed, and when it comes to my kids and their skin safety… I’m straight up psycho. Both my girls go to summer camp, and swim 5 times a week, so you KNOW I must have a butt load of sunblock stocked in my home. I don’t want just any sunscreen, I want something INEXPENSIVE and SAFE. And I found it with Hang Ten Kids Spray Banana Scented Broad Spectrum 50+.FullSizeRender (5)

When I was a kid, I would spend my summers in Colombia. My grandparents lived in a gated community with a pool, and I would spend the entire day swimming with friends. No lifeguards, no supervision. No sunblock. It was the 80’s, They put it on you before you left the house, and that was it. Nobody knew yet just how damaging the suns rays were. I remember being burnt so bad that it would blister and peel. I vowed never to let that happen to my children, so far so good.

We all know about the toxic chemicals they put in sunscreens, which are actually more harmful than 1000 sunburns. There have been actual studies that prove that the ingredients in some sunscreen actually cause skin cancer! What in the actual fuck. When I found out I was livid! So I went out and bought a $40 bottle of sunscreen for my kids, because, I kinda like them and don’t want them to die. But seriously, WHY do we have to pay that much? I think it’s really shitty that the companies that make “safe” sunscreens have the balls to charge that much BECAUSE THEY CAN. Not cool, man. Which leads me to this: Hang Ten Kids Spray Banana Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ which I purchased through is so amazing, and about $10 a bottle, which for me is great! Like I said, I probably go through a bottle a week, but I also drink a $10 bottle of wine a week, so I have to put things in perspective. It’s all about perspective people.

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It’s also water-resistant for 80 minutes, Oxybenzone free, paraben free, retinyl palmitate free, non-nano, and synthetic fragrance free. So basically It’s awesome! And, unlike with other sunscreens, my kids don’t get any rashes, break outs, or blotchy sunburnt spots. It distributes evenly, and works like a charm. Be sure to have this as one of your beach bag essentials this summer, and one more thing- sunblock should be worn all year round,  not just for swimming, but for ALL outdoor activities! Thanks for reading, let me know if you buy it and what you think! Don’t forget to leave a comment or FBomb!

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The New Ingestible Beauty Trend

Lately, I keep stumbling upon articles about collagen supplements and ingestible beauty powders. So naturally, I was intrigued! Normally I treat my skin topically, but the thought of taking supplements? I’m in.

I took two supplements for 4 weeks, and I saw a noticeable difference, AND so did the rest of the world! Keep reading to find out what I used, ingredient descriptions, and where to buy it.

I went on my weekly Target trip and browsed the vitamin isle, and I came across Olly supplements. I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and I love their “look”, everything is clean and easy to understand. The whole line of vitamins looks interesting, and I’m looking forward to testing out others down the road.

The Olly Vitamins I tried are called Olly Vibrant Skin Plump Berry.

They’re gummies, and that makes me a happy girl! The main ingredients are:

Hyaluronic Acid, which is a molecule that helps plump smooth and moisturize the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a very popular ingredient in most skincare products, and now we can eat it! Fuck yeah!

Next awesome ingredient is Marine Collagen, this is a naturally occurring protein that promotes skin structure and strength, leaving you with a more radiant look.

Last but not least we have Sea Buckthorn, which is a unique super food. Sea Buckthorn has been used for centuries to revitalize and nourish the skin.


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If you already take vitamins, it will be easy to add these yummy gummies to your regimen, and trust me you want to. I definitely see a difference in brightness, and dullness. Everyone at work keeps telling me that I look like I’m glowing more than usual! Yay!

In my quest for super gorgeous skin, I came across Beauty Dust by Moon Juice. The packaging is super pretty, and you mix the powder with either water, juice, coffee, or a smoothie. I tried to mix it with water,  I really tried guys, but NO THANK YOU. It’s just way to earthy and herby for me. Throw it into a smoothie, you’ll never know it’s there! Beauty Dust is an herbal supplement of powdered organic herbs, plants, and minerals, including:

Goji Berry- this fruit is considered anti-aging, and the berries are antioxidant powerhouses that are full of amino acids, carotenoids, and polysaccharides.

Rehmannia- this Chinese herb is known to help severe PMS, this has nothing to do with skin, but when I found this out I was very excited, and I’m sure my family was too. Besides fixing my attitude, this herb helps to revitalize the kidneys and nourishment of the liver, and helps with inflammatory skin conditions.

Schisandra- is a plant that helps with energy levels, better digestion, and aids in skin resilience to aging!

Pearl- this powder aids in the reduction of blemishes and wrinkles, while also calming the mind.

Basically, Moon Juice Beauty Dust is the Shit and you need to try it. Just don’t smell it or drink it with water. TRUST.

Every morning I took both the Beauty Dust and Olly Gummies, and after about two weeks is when I noticed a difference, and so did my family and friends. I did not have any other side effects, which is a plus, because when you eat or drink herbs and supplements you aren’t used to, you do run the risk of potential allergies or stomach issues, so please consult with your physician before taking these, and don’t blame me if you have gas.

I was not paid to review these products, I just really wanted to try them out and share with all of you!

If you love this cute romper it’s tory burch and so comfortable! I got if from rtr, with my unlimited membership. I’m obsessed!


Let me know if you try these supplements, please leave an fbomb or comment below!



The perfect summer accessories! Plus my favorite RTR maxi dress.

The perfect summer accessories! Plus my favorite RTR maxi dress.

I’m totally a sucker for a good Maxi dress, because it’s a one and done situation. No matching tops and bottoms, no muffin top. Just a nice flowy dress to hide any lumps, bumps, and imperfections I have. I love this dress in particular from Lilly Pulitzer. The Caridee Popover Maxi from Lilly Pulitzer brings style and comfort together. I can run around after my kids, and still look stylish! Win win! I especially love the large floral print, its super fun and makes me want to have a tropical cocktail! In this photo I am trying to avoid stepping on dog poop in my yard. Who has time to pick that shit up?


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For those of you who have big boobs, this dress is for you! I have DD’s, and it’s really hard to find dresses that fit. This dress is stretchy and can be worn with a strapless bra, and it somehow minimizes my bust….. You have no fucking idea how happy this makes me. I’m currently a member of Rent the Runway, and that’s how I was able to try the dress. You can rent this dress from Rent The Runway for only $40!


I’ve recently discovered the best new fashion jewelry line on the market. This line is made here in NYC, it’s called Chloe and Isabel and the pieces are a mix of trendy and timeless. I absolutely love the Limoncello Convertible Statement Earrings, they go with so many outfits, or even just a plain white t-shirt and jeans. Plus the stylish little earrings convert, so two for the price of one!

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The Portico Cuff Bracelet is one of the newest pieces I have added to my collection, and I’m so glad that I did. It features semi-precious marbled pale blue stone + sparkling clear crystal. The setting is in antique gold….. It’s the perfect mix of boho chic, mixed with vintage and modern, I just love how they are able to do that! I wear this bracelet all the time and it’s under $50! You can’t beat that. And guess what, if you shop now, they are having a buy 2, get 1 free sale. So, treat yo self!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my fun pics for the week, don’t forget to drop a comment or fbomb!

Remember to Color Outside the Lines

Remember to Color Outside the Lines



As I took a shower this morning ( I know, I know, lucky me), I cursed my kids. I was so freaking tired that I squirted a huge handful of shampoo into my hand, and proceeded to wash my face. Yup, that happened! I am sleep deprived, I am over worked, I am fucking tired.

I’m always trying to get everything done, keep it all together, and not FAIL. Failing is scary. Failing is failure.

Sometimes while I’m changing my little ones diaper (poop diaper) and she

wiggles and cries and sticks her hand in it, I repeat to myself – this will pass, she’s not going to be little forever…ENJOY this moment.

But It’s hard.

It’s hard to remove yourself from the very shitty moment you are in.

When I do have a day “off”, I usually spend it vacuuming, wiping down the counters, cleaning up the endless amount of crappy toys that basically get moved from room to room… I pretty much try to make it look like human beings live here. And then. And then they come home from school. It begins the second they walk through the door…spilling drinks, dumping food on the floor, and they play with markers on the couch. And I have to remember, one day, in the years to come, I’ll come home from work and they won’t be there. I will have very expensive, very CLEAN furniture. I will have a neat and tidy house. I will have peace and quiet.

I will have nothing.

I’m often too uptight with my girls, and I expect way too much from them. So – I’m making a conscious effort to let things roll off my back. I need to let my kids BE KIDS. To let them make a mess, and to make one with them. I want to play and color with them, and we will color outside the lines together.

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